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Finding Your Passion as a Junior in High School

High school is a place for young people to grow and discover themselves, challenge their obstacles, and discover their passion. That's a whole bunch of poo. High school is a frustrating stage in your life and it is filled with awkward, embarrassing moments and judgmental classmates. It requires you to wake up at 6:00 am and go to six to eight classes each day; and do homework that can sometimes feel really unnecessary: busy work! Aaaaaahhhhh! And lest we forget...........growing out of our childhood to be an adult in this world. But let's not be all pessimistic.
Despite the fact that high school is a bunch of poo, I'd say my favorite part about it is beginning to understand your interests and possibly your passions. Discovering your identity. Not having a passion that defines you, I don't know how I would it!

I thought I would talk about how high school sometimes sucks at the beginning of the post to get rid of any negativity head on; because we don't need it. Now…

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