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Tree Silhouettes

Remember how I mentioned nature was a vital escape for me? Well today it became vital. I decided I needed to be immersed in nature today. I was going to post about something else today, but then my mind took a little detour after being inspired and I was led to post this. Today's just a more casual day I guess. At my school today we had to evacuate the campus twice. Twice. There was some sort of gas leak and through all of this throat hurt a lot. But hey who doesn't like a little adventure?! But when we went from the outdoors to indoors, I wasn't feeling super great. The air in the school felt so...stagnant, which isn't the word you want to use when describing air. I left school with a few other disappointments that I wouldn't want to bore you with. And as I was walking home, I just thought, "I really want to breathe in some real air!"...And then I got the idea to go on a mini hike, which luckily would be possible since my dad lives next to the…

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